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Facility Management

the market-leading supplier of top-tier furniture and installation expert

We specialize in Installation, maintenance, operation and repair of building structures, electrical equipment and machinery; operation of surveillance system. Maintenance, testing and inspections — Building maintenance includes all preventative, remedial, and upgrades works required for the upkeep and improvement.

Does facility management issues distract you from your core business areas?

You totally don’t understand everything that makes up your operating costs? Not able to hire and retain suitably qualified staff to maintain a modern building, school or stadium?

Don’t have access to specialists with the correct knowledge?

Lease management

We provide customised lease management solutions to our clients with a primary aim to improve owner returns and also help them achieve a year on year growth. With our commitment, apartment owners have gained confidence in our services & management.

Capital project planning and management

The capital project landscape is increasingly difficult to traverse. Project construction and material costs continue to escalate, the environmental and regulatory picture remains unclear, and project schedule compression has become the norm. Project organizations have undergone transitions to adapt to today’s difficult economic climate. As a result, capabilities have been outsourced while fresh talent has become difficult to identify.

Maintenance and operations

Operations & Maintenance (O&M means the functions, duties and labor associated with the daily operations and normal repairs, replacement of parts and structural components, and other activities needed to preserve an asset so that it continues to provide acceptable services and achieves its expected life.

Energy management

As an energy management company, we offer services that include utility expense management, energy procurement (solar, etc), benchmarking, and lighting.

Occupancy and space management

Occupancy Management is more than seating charts. Our team is designed to support all your organizations occupancy needs. Whether your need is a single occupancy plan to support project delivery or ongoing space management services to maintain accurate occupancy data, We have platform to bring together subject matter experts focused on providing the best solutions to improve portfolio insights.

Employee and occupant experience

Enhancing occupant experience increases employee productivity, reduces costs, creates a secure environment at the facility, and ensures efficient time utilization. The premise becomes a healthier place for the occupant and a happy occupant means a successful business. So, how do you, as a facility head, collaborate with your FM partner to ensure the complete satisfaction of occupants at the premises?

Real estate management

Successful management of your real estate requires skillful stewardship of the physical space, tenant relationships and your reputation in the marketplace. Our team of real estate management experts is one of the largest in the world, with two billion square feet under management globally.

Emergency management and business continuity

We offer Business Continuity Planning is the process of developing prior arrangements and procedures that enable you to respond to a disaster or major disruption of operations in such a manner that critical and essential business functions can continue with minimum disruption or down time.